UK Mystery Shopping Jobs

Mystery shopping jobs in the UK, on these pages you will find links to websites where you can sign up to be a mystery shopper.

Focusline Focus International International
  Our clients use mystery shopping to improve their customer service. Mystery shoppers provide objective & factual feedback about the quality of their experiences at local retail stores, restaurants, theatres, hotels, airlines or other establishments that deal with the public.

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Mystery-Shoppers United Kingdom
  Mystery Shoppers Ltd was started in 1991 and currently has offices in London, Reading and Devon. We have a database of over 17000 agents across the UK with about 200 Mystery Shoppers carrying out assignments at any one time. However, many of our programmes call for agents to be recruited specifically to meet the Client's requirements.

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Douglas Stafford United Kingdom
  Become a Mystery Shopper! Would you like a fun and interesting job being the professional eyes and ears for businesses of all types and sizes? If you have a keen eye for detail and good reporting skills, you could earn money shopping for everything from cars and houses, to socks and underwear, or evaluating hotel accommodation, restaurants, and other services. Apply to be a mystery shopper today.

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eMystery Shoppers International
  Would you like to earn some extra money whilst surfing on the web? We are always on the look-out for new members to join our self-employed team of eMystery Shoppers - monitoring and assessing web sites and reporting on their usability, effectiveness and customer service performance.

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IMS United Kingdom
  IMS provide intelligent field marketing solutions that give our clients the edge. IMS offer traditional field marketing services such as auditing, merchandising and mystery shopping. The revolutionary approach that we have adopted puts us streets ahead of the competition.

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NOP Mystery Shopping United Kingdom
  NOP Mystery Shopping is a division of the NOP Research Group, one of Europe’s largest research organisations. We were launched in 1993 in order to co-ordinate all NOP Group mystery shopping activities, to develop further this area of research and to highlight the distinctive features of mystery shopping versus consumer research.

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Macpherson Mystery Shopping International
  BECOME A MYSTERY SHOPPER / MARKET RESEARCHER / AUDITOR. So you think you could be one of our team of Mystery Shoppers? We are always on the lookout for new people to join our panel of assessors, all you need is a good standard of English (both written and verbal) and a good eye for detail (very good observational skills).

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Market Public United Kingdom
  Market Public is recruiting consumers - people like you who enjoy eating and drinking out in pubs and restaurants - to join our growing database of over 8000 members. As a mystery shopper member you will be invited to visit a pub or restaurant, and enjoy a meal or a drink for free.

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Retail-Maxim United Kingdom
  We are currently seeking to recruit Mystery Shoppers from ALL areas of the UK as well as Northern and Southern Ireland. Our aim at Retail Maxim is to provide our Clients with access to a Mystery Shopping team from all walks of life who match their real customer profiles as closely as possible. Consequently, we need a large number of Mystery shoppers from all corners of the UK with some time to spare, who wish to take part in this interesting and enjoyable activity.

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Grass Roots Mystery Shopping United Kingdom
  The Grass Roots Group UK Limited (GRG) is a business services agency. GRG has been a major provider of Mystery Shopping services since the early 1980's. We have a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors including Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food, Leisure, Finance, Automotive and Transport.

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