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Blarry House Research provides recruitment and field management services to different marketing research companies providing qualitative research solutions using focus groups, in-depth interviews, teleconference groups and online groups. The company has experience enriched staff with over twenty years of expertise in the field of marketing research. Since its inception in 1994, the company has organized more than 10,000 focus groups.

It maintains a panel of consumers who are residents of USA and are willing to participate in various studies. Cash honorarium ranging from $ 40 to $ 150 is offered to participants, which is intimated at the time of taking the qualifying survey.

Services offered include recruiting for consumer studies and mock trials in B2B, medical, and high-tech industry. Research consulting is offered through strategic planning, designing research parameters and evaluation of results. Skilled moderating for focus groups, teleconference groups, online and phone interviews and ethnographic studies is also offered. 

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Icon General Information:

Regions of participation: United States

Minimum Age Members Need to be to Join: Not Specified

What Type of Rewards do Participants Receive: Participants are paid in cash ranging from $ 40 to $ 150 depending upon the complexity of the study. 

Minimum Required to Receive Payment: Not Specified

Type of Surveys on Offer: Focus groups, in-depth interviews, teleconference groups and online groups.

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Blarry House Research
580 Douglass Street
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