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Contract Testing Inc. (CTI) is a Canadian organization specializing in sensory evaluations of various products. The company collects opinions of consumers on taste, texture, smell, appearance, and other sensory perceptions of different products. These products are mainly in the category of FMCG like soaps, detergents, shampoos, mouthwashes, frozen meals, soups, ready-to-eat microwaveable foods, confectionary wares and items of personal and household usage.

Company maintains an online panel of consumers from Canada and USA participating in taste tests, product evaluations, focus groups and group discussions to give their feedback on products. Respondents are compensated in cash.

CTI provides country-wide services from its spacious facility at Brampton, Ontario. Many bigger marketing research companies sub-let their projects to CTI.

CTI is a member of the Professional Marketing Research Society (PMRS) and follows ICC and ESOMAR Code of Marketing and Social Research and the principles underlying the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

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Icon General Information:

Regions of participation: United States and Canada

Minimum Age Members Need to be to Join: Not Specified

What Type of Rewards do Participants Receive: It is mentioned that the participants are compensated in cash but details are not available.

Minimum Required to Receive Payment: Not Specified

Type of Surveys on Offer: Product evaluations and taste tests for sensory perceptions, focus groups and group discussions.

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5355 Northland Drive NE, Suite C-162Grand Rapids, MI 49525