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CurePursuit is an online panel that provides people suffering from chronic illnesses opportunity to take part in research and development of medical services for their ailments by participating in online surveys and clinical trials. The website was created in 2005 and since then has conducted many online studies and clinical trials, thus influencing the path of medical research and assisting in development of medical products and treatments.

The website has provided valuable patient inputs to pharmaceutical, bio-technological and medical device companies helping them make strategic decisions regarding chronic illness researches and medical products development.
The company also conducts clinical trials like treatment trials, prevention trials and screening trials. All these studies yield valuable data for medical research and medical products market analysis. Respondents of online surveys and clinical trials are given incentives.

The company adheres to strict confidentiality for all personal information, which is used only for marketing research purposes.

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Icon General Information:

Regions of participation: International

Minimum Age Members Need to be to Join: 18

What Type of Rewards do Participants Receive: The rewards are in MarketPoints which are redeemable for cash. Each online survey rewards with MarketPoints equivalent to $ 5 to $ 10, even more. Mode of payment is through cheque in local currency sent via post.

The clinical trials also have rewards decided by the company conducting the trials.

The members can also choose to get paid for the online surveys by getting free subscription to Vivisimo, which is the most advanced online biomedical research tool. Each survey carries an all-access subscription to this tool for the current month.

Minimum Required to Receive Payment: Not Specified

Type of Surveys on Offer: Online surveys and clinical trials

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United States