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Dubit Informer is an online panel of Dubit Limited, created exclusively for teenagers of UK. Teenagers above sixteen years of age can join independently. Below this age teenagers can join with permission of parent or guardian. Website conducts online surveys and gathers response on different topics. Panellists are encouraged to voice their opinions on different products and services and are given access to new ideas, new advertising campaigns and new technologies before they are released in the open market.

Surveys are of two kinds paid and unpaid. In the standard paid surveys one can receive payment in the range of 50 p and 2 Pounds. Unpaid surveys are basically recruitment surveys, where the chosen individuals get a chance to talk about brands, services and may receive free products and welfare advice as compensation.

Company is Data Controller under the Data Protection Act. All information is used for marketing research purposes only.

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Icon General Information:

Regions of participation: International

Minimum Age Members Need to be to Join: 16 years or above to join independently. Individuals below permissible age can join with parental permission.

What Type of Rewards do Participants Receive: Rewards are in cash in the range of 50 p to 2 Pounds. If the referred people sign-up an additional 1 Pound is given to the referring panellist. 

Minimum Required to Receive Payment: £25

Type of Surveys on Offer: Online surveys

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The Half Roundhouse
Roundhouse Business Park
Wellington Road